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Cours du Professeur Rodolfo Cuerno Rejado "Statistical Physics of Soft and Hard Interfaces"



 Prof. Rodolfo Cuerno Rejado
(Departamento de Matemáticas and GISC, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
Professeur invité de l'UCBL,
donnera un cours (4x1h30) intitulé
"Statistical Physics of Soft and Hard Interfaces"

Contenu détaillé des cours:

Lectures: Statistical Physics of Soft and Hard Interfaces
Course: This course in 4 lectures aims to present general theoretical frameworks to understand the statistical physics of interfaces in equilibrium and nonequilibrium conditions, with applications to many different physical systems from hard or soft matter, such as crystal growth, liquid films, colloidal suspensions, granular systems, etc.

Part I: Introduction
- Continuum models
- Equilibrium: Thermal capillary waves
- Other equilibrium phenomena/models

Part II: Dynamics
- Equilibrium critical dynamics
- Near-equilibrium formulations
- Hydrodynamics: lubrication approximation

Part III: Generic Scale Invariance, aka Kinetic Roughening
- Far-from equilibrium dynamics: Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation
- Dynamic scaling Ansätze
- Universality

Part IV: Surface pattern formation
- Morphological instabilities: fluid dewetting
- Non-linear models: Kuramoto-Sivashinsky (KS) equation for falling films
- Other phenomena/models: step dynamics on epitaxial surfaces

Part V: Pattern formation vs GSI
- A derivation of the KS equation
- Diffusive interface dynamics
- Other phenomena/models


30 mai au 8 juin 2016

Cours 1: Lundi 30 mai, 10h30 Amphi Paul Dirac
Cours 2: Jeudi 02 Juin, 10h30 Amphi Ampere (Bât Lipmann)
Cours 3: Lundi 06 Juin, 10h30 Amphi Ampere (Bât Lipmann)
Cours 4: Mercredi 08 Juin, 10h30 Amphi Ampere (Bât Lipmann)

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