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Cours professeur invit Jay Fineberg (The Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


Dans ce cadre, Jay Fineberg, donnera une série de trois cours pourtant sur le Frottement/Fracture :

 mardi 4/04 ; mercredi 5/04 ; jeudi 6/04 : 16 à 17H - Grande salle du CPB (ENS Lyon)


1. "How Things Break: The Rapid Dynamics of Simple Cracks":  

A general overview of Dynamic Fracture and weakly nonlinear fracture mechanics.

2. "Instabilities in Dynamic Fracture" 

Focus on crack instabilities - basically a combination of both some old results
on micro-branching together with new results published over the past years,
that provides a new view of where the instabilities come from.

3. "Friction is Fracture"

This third Lecture  will be about friction and the relation between friction and dynamic fracture, suggesting basically a fund


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Recherche d'un cours