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To register doctorate by the ED- PHAST, full fill the following requirements:- Have a thesis topic and a thesis director HDR, a member of one of five laboratories affiliated.
- To have a financing of thesis whose wages correspond a least to a doctoral contract of establishment. Severa standard financings exist:
some on projects financed (see dedicated mitre), some on competition organized by the doctoral school during the time June-Jumy of each yeau. Information appearrs in this case arount April on the Web site of the ED.
- To be titular of a Master degree or equivalent.
These three conditions are conditions minima, and in order to preserve the requirements of the quality of ist recruitement, the direction of the doctoral school reserves the right to refuse candidatures.
Thus before setting in motion the procedures, when the doctorand and the supervisor accept the principle of beginning a thesis together it is necessary:
To send to the doctoral principal (Christophe Dujardin) like to the director of the detailed laboratory concerned one CV, specifying amongst other things the notes of master degree, the subjets corresponding to the project of thesis as well as the type of financing considered.
The direction of the ED can, if necessary, convene the candidate for a maintenance
Once the agreement in principle, was obtained by the direction of the ED and that of laboratory of reception , the procedure of recuiting on contract is signed, the procedure of registration in doctorate via application SIGED could be started. A login as well as the technical explanations will be provided to the candidate.