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Sequencing Thesis

The average length of time to complete a thesis is 3 yers, which include following

Orientation day(beginning of the first year)
Interview at the end of the first year with the ED director
Defence a the half way point (end of the second year)
60h hours of scientific coursework and 60 hours of professional training (please see details below).
The PhD student is asked to make an oral presentation of his/her work at an international conference, as well as a laboratory seminar.
Each year you must enrol in your school/department. In order to obtain the signature of the director of the school/department you must include, along with your application form, a summary of your past coursework in addition to the classes you plan on taking.
It is very important to take into account the possibility of not completing your work in 3 years. Extension of the 3-year deadline are exceptional and must be justified. If you anticipate that you will not be able to complete your work in the allotted time you must notifify your director before the end of March of the 3rd year. The objective is to establish a calendar with your director to complete the thesis. This is preliminary tot the approval of being granted a 4th year. The ED director reserves the right to not sign the approval of an erolment in 4th year.

Validation of training modules

During your doctoral training, you are required to attend 60 hours of scientific training and 60 hours of training employability. These hours must be validated by the direction of the graduate school. You will find below courses can be taken into account. Regarding prices, the number of hours is the volume validated course schedule. If you follow other courses (as mentioned below) that you think may be part of the training validated by the ED, please contact the management of ED. It is very important to inform as and when the ED modules followed. The direction of the ED will ensure that these modules are well distributed throughout the thesis. In case of joint PhD with a foreign institution, the student may attend only 30 hours of training and employability 30h of scientific training.

Formations d'insertion professionnelle
Courses offered by  l'Université de Lyon.
Training TOEFL preparation (offered by l’ED PHAST): 20h
Research internship in a non-francophone(>3mois): 20h
Supervision of trainee L3 ou M1 : This action aims to train you for leadership. The student must provide the subject of training, coaching and training the trainee, read the report and assist in the preparation of oral (this action must be consistent with the thesis supervisor): 20h
TP long supervision: some courses such as Masters NanoScaleEngineering propose des TPs longs (1 week full time on a laboratory experiment): 15h
Teaching assistant (avec les stages CIES) : 30h
Meeting "private / public" organized by the ED or the University of Lyon:5h
Simulation hiring: 5h
For foreigners: French Foreign Language: 20h
The school invites doctoral students to attend Thursday meetings organized byl'Université Lyon1
Formations Scientifiques
Courses of master 2
Courses proposed for l’ED-PHAST
"Pack" of 10 seminars laboratory : 10h unscored
Thematic School (6h/day)