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Thesis Defense

 Steps to follow for the thesis defense:

- 2 files are downloadable. The first to own the l'ED-PHAST

Download the file. [DOCX - 371 Ko]
and the second own institutions ENSL ou Lyon I). On this last issue will appear as the proposed jury. The rules are specific to each institution and are indicated on the record of jury composition.


- Define a thesis date
- Once the records are filled they must be mailed to Dany Davesne and Jean-Christophe Geminard
After receiving the acceptance email from the direction of the graduate school, you can come and offer it for signature and then go the file Doctoral Formation.

- Send your manuscripts as soon as possible to the rapporteurs who must return their three weeks before the scheduled thesis date
- The direction of the ED will recieve these reports and will advise on the thesis authorization to be signed by etablissements.
- Once you receive permission to thesis. the date can be broadcast on the websites of laboratoiries.
- At the end of the thesis, remember to send the corrected thesis document in PDF format at Sylvie Fores.

Thesis as Come :

After your thesis defense

Please send to  Sylvie Flores pdf file corresponding to your final document for filing in TEL.