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Conduct of a defense

Chronology of the defence in LYON 1

Support rules in Lyon I

An individual defense schedule is available here.

The main steps are recalled below:

D-10 weeks

Complete the Excel table of "Proposal of rapporteurs and jury members" and send it back to the DRED - Pôle Doctorat & HDR to the relevant manager.

D-9 weeks

Have your "Proposal of rapporteurs and jury members" signed by your thesis director and your doctoral school director that you will have received from the DRED - Pôle Doctorat & HDR.

Submit your manuscript and distribution contract online on the BU website.
Go to the pages on the filing procedure

Access the deposit form Attention, it is essential to protect your student identifiers (e.g. p1XXXXX).

D-8 weeks

  • Return your signed "Proposal of Rapporteurs and Jury Members" to the DRED - Pôle Doctorat & HDR together with the requested documents constituting the defence application file.
  • The DRED - Pôle Doctorat & HDR writes to the rapporteurs.
  • The doctoral student sends his manuscript to the rapporteurs.

Between D-4 and D-3 weeks :

  • Feedback of the rapporteurs' opinions to the DRED - Pôle Doctorat & HDR
  • Transmission, by DRED - Pôle Doctorat & HDR , of reports to the Director of ED
  • Opinion of the Director of ED on the defense

D-3 weeks:

Administrative formalities carried out by the DRED - Pôle Doctorat & HDR (allocation of the order number, preparation of the defense authorization, publication of the defense on the University's website, preparation of defense and post-defense documents ...)


After D-Day:

  • Return to the DRED - Pôle Doctorat & HDR of completed and signed post-support documents
  • Drawing up your certificate of achievement
  • Definitive submission of your manuscript via the form, tab "second submission" (at the latest in the three months following the defense)
  • !!! : In case of corrections requested by the jury:
  • Please enclose the Attestation of Deposit signed by your thesis supervisor.

Timetable for the ENS defence ENS Lyon

An individual defense schedule is available here

Rules of support at ENS Lyon


  • Submission of the defense project file by the thesis director 3 months before the planned date of the defense (administrative closures of the school extend this period).
  • Transmission of the file by the Bureau of the 3rd cycle to the 3rd cycle commission for an opinion on the choice of rapporteurs and members of the jury
  • Transmission of the manuscript to the rapporteurs by the doctoral student.
  • Sending, by the postgraduate office, letters to the rapporteurs for the return date of the reports.
  • Return of the Reports prior to the defense to the Bureau of the 3rd cycle by the rapporteurs.
  • On the favourable opinion of the pre-rapporteurs, authorisation to defend the thesis and distribution of the summary of the thesis.
  • Sending of pre-reports to the doctoral student by the Postgraduate Office
  • Sending out the invitations with pre-reports to the jury members by the 3rd Cycle Bureau
  • Electronic submission of the thesis to the Diderot library in Lyon by the doctoral student
  • Sending a certificate of deposit of thesis and the electronic form completed by the Diderot library in Lyon to the Graduate Office.
  • Submission or sending to the thesis director of the Minutes of the defense, the notice of reproduction of the thesis, the standard form of Defense Report, the attestation of deposit of thesis and the electronic docket.
D-0 :  Defense
  • The meeting place will be specified to the doctoral student when the appointment is made.