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Enrolment / Re-Enrolment

The doctoral registration of any doctoral student at the University of Lyon involves 2 steps:
  1. a pedagogical registration within the doctoral school
  2. an administrative registration in the parent institution (payment of registration fees).
An annual re-registration is then required.

Doctoral enrolment is twofold: at the doctoral school and at one of the higher education and research institutions to which the doctoral school is attached: Claude Bernard Lyon University 1, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.
It is also at this establishment that you will pay your registration fees each year. The first payment of these registration fees marks the beginning of your doctorate.

Your personal space on SIGED

Allows you to register for the transversal training courses offered by the University.

For any questions related to your SIGED space, contact :

1 Registration (or re-registration) at your doctoral school

Contact the secretariat of the doctoral school to which the thesis director belongs in order to obtain logins.
Complete the form online and upload the requested documents:
  • proof of postgraduate degree (certificate achievement or diploma)
  • a full copy of the thesis funding agreement or the application (specifying dates and net income)
  • "The protocol of signature" document of the Doctoral Charter of the University of Lyon with the 3 required signatures (to be downloaded here for Lyon I and here for the ENS).
  • Rules of procedure of the ED here and the individual training agreement here
  • Click on "submit your request"; your thesis director, laboratory director and doctoral school director will be invited to validate your application electronically. (do not have your file signed manually).

2 Administrative registration (or re-registration) at the higher education institution

Once your pedagogical registration has been validated (the status of your file in SIGED must be "Validation 5/6"), you can proceed with the administrative registration with the higher education and research institution:Claude Bernard Lyon I University or ENS de Lyon.
  1. Print your file from SIGED (action "Registration form (to be downloaded when all parties have given the go-ahead in SIGED)");
  2. Make sure it is complete (some establishments require specific documents: ID...).