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Structure of the Phd programme

A thesis lasts on average 3 years. Several obligatory events will punctuate these 3 years.

- Doctoral students' first day of the school year (beginning of the first year)

- First year-end interview with ED management

- 60 hours of scientific training and 60 hours of professional integration training (see details under the heading Doctoral training).

- It is requested to present its work at an international conference (preferably oral) as well as in laboratory seminars.

- Each year, you must register at your school. In order to obtain the signature of the doctoral school's management, please attach to your registration file an assessment of the courses you have taken and indicate those you intend to follow for the following year.

- During the second year of the thesis, the thesis follow-up committee meets to ensure the smooth running of the thesis. The document to be sent back to Sylvie Flores is here pdf version and tex version before the beginning of March, last deadline.

- At the end of each academic year, the doctoral student and his/her thesis director must meet to review the progress of the thesis. The outcome of these meetings will be formalized in a document. This short document must be written jointly during the meeting. It will be signed by the doctoral student, the thesis director and the laboratory director. This document must reach Sylvie Flores before July 15th of each year for signature by the director of the doctoral school. No re-registration will be signed without this document. Logo ED and Fiche Bilan 2022 and Fiche bilan.tex.
- CASE OF RE-ENROLLMENT IN YEAR 4 (see heading Year 4). In this specific case, the Year 4 Balance Sheet.pdf and Year 4 Balance Sheet.tex is used. If the defense is scheduled after September 30, a re-registration is necessary.