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General presentation of the PHAST doctoral school

Created in 1991, the Doctoral School of Physics and Astrophysics of Lyon (ED PHAST) is part of the Doctoral College of the University of Lyon, a college that brings together the 17 doctoral schools of higher education institutions in the Lyon region.
The ED PHAST has a particularity important doctoral supervision potential with 170 academic staff members authorized to direct research and is distributed across six laboratories.(CRAL, iLM, IP2I, LGL, LPENSL) two institutions (Université Lyon 1 and École Normale Supérieure de Lyon). It welcomes around 50 new PhD students each year.
The disciplinary fields of excellence of these research laboratories include astrophysics, subatomic physics, optics and lasers, materials for optics and optoelectronics, nanosciences and nanomaterials, non-linear physics, geophysics and the physics-health and physics-biology interfaces, geology and planets.
The objective of the ED PHAST is to offer doctoral students quality research training during their three years of thesis work and to support them in their future professional project (academic or private sector).

Council ED


  • Dahoumane Mokrane - IPNL
  • Flores Sylvie - IPNL

PhD representatives

  • Joulaud Marine - LGL
  • Lienard François - LP ENS
  • Michoulier Stéphane - CRAL

External members

  • Isnard Olivier (Director of  Physics at the University of Grenoble)
  • Pantel Pierre-Alexandre (CS)

Local members

  • Alboussière Thierry (Representative of the LGL Management)
  • Cazes Antoine (Director of the Physics Department Lyon I)
  • Chilla Francesca (Director of the Physics Department of the ENS)
  • Davesne Dany (Director of the PHAST Doctoral School)
  • Ealet Anne (Director IP2I)
  • Freyssingeas Eric (Deputy Director of the PHAST Doctoral School)
  • Geminard Jean-Christophe (Director of LP ENSL)
  • Gonzalez Jean-François (Representative of the CRAL Management)
  • Vanel Loïc (Directeur adjoint iLM)

Permanent invited members

  • Antoine Rodolphe - iLM
  • Augier Corinne - IP2I
  • Blanchard Nicholas - iLM
  • Laibe Guillaume  - CRAL
  • Lehnert Matthew  (Director of CRAL)
  • Lienard François - ENS de Lyon (doctoral student)
  • Ricard Yannick (VP Research ENS de Lyon)