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Validation of training modules

During your doctoral training, you are required to follow 60 hours of scientific training and 60 hours of professional integration training. These hours must be validated by the management of the doctoral school. You will find on the right-hand side the training courses that can be taken into account. As far as the courses are concerned, the number of validated hours corresponds to the hourly volume of the course. If you are following other courses (other than those mentioned below) that you think could be included in the courses validated by the ED, please contact the management of the ED. It is very important that you inform the ED of the modules you have taken as you go along. The management of the DE will make sure that these modules are well distributed throughout the thesis.
In the case of a thesis in co-supervision with a foreign institution, the student may only follow 30 hours of professional integration training and 30 hours of scientific training.

Vocational training (examples)

  • Monitorat  : 30h
  • Training courses offered by l'Université de Lyon.
  • Fun-MOOC: Open online University
  • Trainee supervision L3 or M1 :this action aims to train you as a manager. The doctoral student must propose the subject of the internship, supervise and train the trainee, reread the report and help him/her prepare the oral (this action must be done in agreement with the thesis director): 20h
  • Research internship in a non-French-speaking country  (>3 months): 20h
  • For foreigners: French as a Foreign Language: 20h

Scientific training (examples)