Awards and Recognition

Francis BERTHIAS, a former doctoral student at ED-PHAST, won the 2016 Saint-Gobain Prize

On The November 21, 2016

Francis Berthias, doctor from Lyon 1 University, has just been awarded the mention of the 2016 Saint-Gobain Prize. It is under the aegis of the French Society of Physics (SFP) that this mention is awarded to young researchers for their thesis work ../

Francis Berthias prepared his thesis, entitled "Thermalization in a water nanodrop", from 2013 to 2016 in the group Interaction Particule Matière of the IPNL. He studied the thermalization in a water nanodrop from the measurement of the velocity of the molecules evaporated after excitation of a molecule of the drop.
This research was carried out with the DIAM device of the IPNL designed to study irradiation in biomolecular nanosystems by combining experimental techniques of mass spectrometry, imaging and analysis of multiparametric data.
Francis is currently in post-doc at the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry on the Orsay campus in the RISMAS group (reactivity of Ions, Mass Spectrometry, Analysis and Spectroscopies).