Awards and Recognition

Nicolas Tremblay, a former ED-PHAST PhD student, received the 2015 Thesis Award for Signal, Image and Vision from Club EEA, GRESTI and GdR ISIS

On The May 29, 2015

Nicolas Tremblay received the 2015 Signal, Image and Vision Thesis Award from Club EEA, GRETSI and GdR ISIS ... /

Nicolas Tremblay received the 2015 PhD Signal, Image and Vision Award from the EEA Club, GRETSI and GdR ISIS. PhD student of ED-PHAST at ENS Lyon's Physics Laboratory, Nicolas Tremblay defended in October 2014 his thesis "Networks and signals: signal processing tools for network analysis" conducted under the direction of Pierre Borgnat . Since 2016, he is a research associate at Gipsa-Lab Grenoble.