Awards and Recognition

Anna LOMBARDI, a former doctoral student at ED-PHAST, won the 2013 Saint Gobain Prize

On The January 23, 2014

Anna Lombardi, former doctoral student of ED-PHAST at iLM...

Anna Lombardi has prepared her thesis at the Institut Lumière Matière under the direct supervision of Natalia Del Fatti on the subject: Linear and Ultrafast response of individual multi-material nanoparticles. His thesis was defended in September 2013.

Anna Lombardi is a specialist in absorption spectroscopy and ultrafast optical study of individual metallic nanoparticles. Such particles adopt complex forms (bipyramids, nano-batonets, etc.) and are highly relevant from the point of view of possible applications (sensors, health, nano-electronics) as well as the understanding of fundamental processes. dominating their optical response. His first and most innovative results concern the optical and vibrational characterization of elongated nano-objects (rods and bipyramids) synthesized in collaboration with the ICMCB in Bordeaux.

His most striking result is the experimental demonstration and his theoretical description of the so-called "Fano" coupling effect in a dimer composed of a gold particle and a silver particle. A clever choice of wavelengths of the laser, justified by a modeling, makes it possible to preferentially probe the gold, and thanks to the temporal resolution, to highlight a resonance of Fano within the dimer. By varying the wavelength of the pump laser, the temperature of the gold particle within the dimer was determined.